Beginning 100 years of tradition, the Preslav museum was founded as a section of the Archaeological Society “Ticha” on October 26, 1906. Until 1949, when the museum moved to a large building next to the Church of SS. Cyril & Methodius and near the Preslav palace, it remained as section of the society. The progress of the excavations greatly enriched the exhibitions of Archaeological Museum “Veliki Preslav.” As the excavations produced growing numbers of artifacts, saving and preserving them necessitated a new building for the museum. As a result, in 1981, the museum moved to a new building where museum staff greet visitors from all over the world, even today. The museum houses more than 35,000 artifacts, exhibiting 1,700 of the best of them. International exhibitions, as well as several books, publications, film, and media, include and mention the most famous Preslav artifacts.

     One hundred years later, it is certain that the dream of Jordan Gospodinov, the creator of the museum, has come true. Today, Veliki Preslav has an archaeological museum with a significant exposition hall, visited by thousands of Bulgarian and foreign tourists. The museum’s collections represent the best presentation of the “Bulgarian Golden Age.” They clearly illustrate that Simeon’s capital was a center of Slavic literacy, Christian arts, and artistic crafts in southeastern Europe during 9th and 10th centuries.