1185 of the birth of Christ! In the northern Balkan borders brothers Asen and Theodore / Peter / lead Bulgarians to revolt against Byzantine rule. They have the power of multiple army and fortress Turnovo, but only the control of the last Bulgarian capital - Veliki Preslav, can legitimize their right to rule. So the first day of recovery Bulgarian kingdom Preslav regained the weight of strategic and commercial center, the capital of Peter's land. Here resided “prototrone” bishop of Bulgaria - second in command after the Patriarch of Turnovo, Preslav revived Holy Mountain - dozens of churches and monasteries. Roads and fortresses were reconstructed and lively, the earth once again offers an abundant harvest. Rich archaeological finds prove that the 13th century was a time of prosperity and power for the glorious city.

While no new spoilers/invaders/ from the north - the Tatars. The devastation is complete; the people fled in inaccessible mountain guards and thus organize their resistance. It is in these perilous glory years and hardness of Preslav going out. Few remain to defend their ancestral hearth and the name of Simeon capital and the church leader moved up in residence at rock monastery above the village named Troitsa.