The bathroom is preserved with  part of its original construction. It is built over the remains of an earlier bath. It has undergone several reconstructions in different periods. The heating installations are in the southern room. The bath is equipped with underfloor heating the so called hypocaust /a system of pipes through which hot air passes/. A small church is stuck to the church’s western façade which dates back to the 9th- 10th century. The church building is cross vaulted with semicircular apse and one- section narthex. Its length is 10.60 m. and width 5.40 m. A lot of fragments of plaster with wall paintings come from it. A building on the south of the  bathroom is functionally connected to the small church. It is of rectangular plan with sizes 8.00 X 6.50 m. directed east- west. It consists of two rooms of different length.