Two churches built one after another were found just in front of the Inner town’s fortress wall in the widening section.

The lower church is cross vaulted with four columns for the vault and pre- apse space. It consists of a three- section narthex and a central place (nave) with three apses with total length of 29 m. and width of 20 m. There are wings stuck to the front part on the north and on the east. There is a synthrone (a stone step- shaped bench for the clergy situated along the wall of the main apse) which shows that the church used to be a bishop’s church. It dates back before the 9th century, till the beginning of the 10th century when a second smaller church was erected over its ruins. The second church repeats the plan of the earlier one, the only difference being the one- section narthex. Both churches had rich decoration with decorative stone plastics.