The remains of a small church built over the ruins of a pagan temple are in the Inner city of Preslav, about 100 m. on the south of the Southern gate. The temple consists of two rectangles included in each other with sizes 13,50 х 12,20 m. The walls were 1.20 m. thick made of mountain stone soldered with plaster. It was directed to east. The re- construction of the pagan temple into a Christian church happened in the end of the 9th, the beginning of the 10th century. The wall on the east was destroyed to make an apse. The thickness of the walls is not identical due to the uneven terrain, the inner part is very deep. The apse was hexagonal from outside. The inner space of the pagan temple is divided by a transverse wall in two parts making the nave and the narthex. Four wide flying buttresses were added on the initial building’s four corners which seized the corners like brackets and used to support the walls. Probably so that the building could bear the vault’s weight. There were three symmetrical arches on the church’s western façade. Two inbuilt pillars are imbedded between the west parts of the flying buttresses made with the buttresses themselves. They define the places of the three arches, the middle one being wider and probably higher than the side ones.