The construction of St. St. Cyril and Methodius monastery in Old Preslav is related to the 1000-year anniversary of the death of St. Methodius in 885, the conversion to Christianity of the Bulgarian people in 864 and later with the commemoration of 1000 years of Tsar Simeon’s reign. In order for this idea to be put into practice, in 1884 the Fourth General Assembly made a decision for a cathedral to be built. Construction work started in the end of 1897 but ended in 1918. The final touches were put in 1926 and on the following year – 1927 when it was 1000 years from Tsar Simeon’s reign, the cathedral was sanctified by the metropolitan bishop Simeon, the bishop of Varna and Preslav Metropolis. In 1993, the cathedral was repaired and renovated by the metropolitan bishop of Varna and Preslav in relation to the celebrations for 1100-year anniversary of the town of Veliki Preslav and later a sacred liturgy was held by Patriarch Maxim of Bulgaria along with Patriarch Teoktist of Romania and other representatives of the Ecumenical, Russian and Serbian Patriarchates and other local churches as well as the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.