In the 1990s a new building was found which was made of four rooms. The building’s walls are constructed by slab stones and blocks soldered with clay. The depth of the foundation is 0,5 m. and the building’s outer sizes are: 10,80 m.(north- south) and 3,25 m.(east- west).

The inner space is divided in two rooms- northern and southern covered by bricks. the building is constructed over equipment destroyed in the past. Another two- chamber masoned stove was also found deeply under the floor’s level. The building dates back to the end of the 10th- the beginning of the 11th century because lead seals from that period were found in one of the rooms. One of the hypotheses regarding the building’s designation is that it was used as a building with manufacture furnaces most probably for metal melting which shows its connection with the Administrative building as well.