The complex spreads immediately on the west of the Small bathroom by a building with complicated design oriented east- west. There are three big rooms in the ground floor in a line. The total length is 22,60 m. and the rooms are connected by 0,70 m. wide passages. There is a portico 2,80 m. away from the northern façade built on massive stone square pilasters. They raise as square pillars 1,30 m. wide in height with sizes 0,80  X 0,80 m. over which there is a wide verandah before the upper floor. There is a room added in the western end of the building (3,20 X 1,80 m) whose northern wall is in a pilaster row axis. There is a pathway made of four big plates assembled in front of the second room of the main building which leads to the water installation of the royal office.

Royal office- there is a rectangular building constructed 1,80 m. on the north of the portico with sizes 12,70 X 15,30 m. oriented north- south.  The ground floor inner space is divided by two pairs of walls with a total of 9 rooms divided in three rows. The western and the eastern rows are 2 m. wide, the central one- 4,70 m. wide. The central building dominates in the building’s entire plan which is also divided by cross walls of three rooms- the southern one with sizes 2 X 4,70 m. and a middle and a northern one which are bigger- with sizes 5 X 4,70 m. There are three massive steps- plasters made in the middle of the central northern room which form a passage as a two section portal.

In 2010 the discovery of a massive building began on the west which actually represents the entire complex’s main body- the royal family’s residential palace. The part of this building that was found includes a central hall on the axis east- west covered by marble plates and flanked /so far/ by three pairs of rooms on the south and north. The building’s size, the richness of the architectural details and floor mosaics define it as the personal, residential parts of Preslav’s ruling family.