The foundations of a big building are preserved on the west of the southern gate of the Inner town outside the fortress wall. The building is about 107 m. long and consists of 18 identical rooms, constructively connected, without passages between them, directed to south. The walls are made of slab stone from Preslav’ s region in horizontal rows and clay. The rooms’ partition wall used to touch directly the fortress wall on the north which was also used as the building’s northern wall. The terrain’s natural slope necessitated making steps of the terraces in front of the rooms. There used to be a platform with a curve in front of the steps. The rooms are almost square shaped and with similar sizes 5 х 4.60 m. The entrance of every room is in the middle of its southern wall and is between 1.10- 1.15 m. wide. Probably there was a floor over them and there used to be a shelter in front of them, the building’ s roof was covered by tiles. The building’s place and plan, the signs on the roof tiles as well as the rich ceramic material, many of the liquid containers define it as a state building of economic character. Probably they used to be  shops that traded with local and imported goods. The building is deliberately destroyed in the first half of the 11th century because of the town’s defense.