The rock formation The Eye is located above the village of Osmar in The Municipality of Veliki Preslav. The village is only 12 km away from Veliki Preslav - the second capital of the First Bulgarian Empire and just 10 km away from the town of Shumen. The rock formations in the valley of Osmar represent a part of the Shumen plateau that occupies an area of about 40 km2 between the northern part of Stara Planina Mountain and the Ludogorie in the southern part of eastern Danubian plain. The Eye is a breathtaking rock with an oval opening in the middle that resembles an eye. It is also known as The Ring. The Monastery of Kostadin is located in its inner part in an artificially enlarged cave. It is not a coincidence that the gorge of Osmar is called the valley of monasteries. Many cells, churches and tombs that form an interesting monastery complex dating back to the time of The Second Bulgarian Empire are hidden in its rocks.

You can arrive at the village of Osmar by bus travelling from Shumen to Veliki Preslav and nature lovers can stay at the beautiful guest houses.      

The tourist route that goes through the rocks and monasteries of Osmar starts from the village of Osmar. You should go northward along the river of Osmar and enter the gorge of Osmar, crossing the valley of monasteries. After 2 km the road slowly turns right and goes through a forest. From there, just 500 m ahead you can see the three main massifs where the rock churches are located. The road leads to a small clearing with a fountain and a mixed forest of deciduous and coniferous trees above it. Go down the narrow winding path and after a relatively steep climb, you will get to The Monastery of Kostadin. The most impressing object is the unusual rock with the oval opening called The Eye that reveals the beauty of Preslav region and the outline of Stara Planina Mountain like a real “Eye”. Then proceed up the path and you will get to a well-defined forest path that should be followed for 30-40 minutes. Then a descent follows and in 10 minutes the path goes by some destroyed bungalows and reaches Bukatsite hut in The Colonies of Osmar place. You can visit the Monastery rock cloister that is visible from the hut, just cross the small river of Troitsa and after a steep climb of its left bank you will get there.  If you have more free time, spend the night at Bukatsite hut. The road down to the village of Troitsa is a stony one and goes along the river of Troitsa. Be careful for the diversion to the left that leads to the foot of Momata rock formation – Momina skala (the Lass’s rock). The legend tells about the beautiful Paraskeva – the daughter of a local feudal lord – who jumped from the rock in order to save herself from the Ottoman invaders. The road continues past a pumping station and a lime factory and leads to the village of Troitsa.             

Another way to get to the Eye is to start from the village of Troitsa, go through the gorge of Troitsa, Bukatsite hut and go down to The Monastery of Kostadin, The Direkliyata and The Horseshoe (Podkovata) and after an hour of going down, you will get to the village of Osmar.

The lovers of walking can enjoy another route from the Eye to the highest point of Shumen plateau named Tarnov tabiya (502 m).