Veliki Preslav Municipality comprises an area of 277.6 km2. It is situated in Northeastern Bulgaria and in the southwestern part of Shumen Region. It borders Shumen Municipality to the north and east, Smiadovo to the southeast, Varbitsa to the southwest and Targovishte Municipality to the west. Rishki Pass (altitude of 890 m) and Varbishki Pass (altitude of 39.6 m) provide the connections of the municipality with the east.

Veliki Preslav is about 130 km away from the ports of Ruse and Silistra and 110 km away from the port and airport of Varna.

The territory of Veliki Preslav Municipality has a diverse geographic layout. The northern and southwestern parts are hilly and low mountainous while the central part is flat. The northern hills of Preslav and Dragoevo mountains, divided by Goliama Kamchia River valley are stretching westward and southwestward. The low hills of Preslav Mountain – Shirokia rit, Tiklata and Avdzhibeli are running from the west to the northeast.

Goliama Kamchia River valley and its feeder Vrana cut across the flat part of Veliki Preslav. The southern part of Shumen plateau with an elevation of 300-400 m sprawls across the northern part of the municipality.

Veliki Preslav Municipality has 968 hectares of protected territory, out of which 48 hectares are reserves and buffer zones, 773 hectares represent national parks and 147 hectares are historical places.

The total area of the recreational resources is 2250 hectares, including forest resorts of 1423 hectares and green areas of 827 hectares.

Patleina Nature Reserve - located in the territory of the municipality and Dervisha Reserve - close to the town of Veliki Preslav are the only places in the country where you can see the Judas tree (Cercis siliquastrum), horse chestnut and Urumov’s tulip (Tulipa urumoffii). The habitats of Leucojum, close to Kochovo village with an area of 12 hectares and near Osmar village – 19 hectares, are declared protected territories as they are the only ones in Bulgaria.

Mainly deciduous forests and a little bit of coniferous forests, wild fruits and herbs can be seen in the mountainous part of the municipality.

Animals like small rodents, foxes, jackals, forest birds and field ones can be seen across the territory of the municipality. A large reserve with mouflons, deer, wild-boars, fallow deer and red deer, managed by Veliki Preslav State Game Breeding Station is located there. The position of Veliki Preslav Municipality in the network of important tourist places like Pliska, Shumen, Madara, etc. in the territory of Shumen Region, the close proximity of the municipality to the Northeastern Planning Region and the big Black Sea resorts of Golden Sands (Zlatni Piasatsi), St. Constantine and Helen, Albena, etc. provide the possibility for developing tourism. The tourist attractions in the territory of Veliki Preslav Municipality are sites that provoke certain tourist interest